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Radiosonde Replacement System (RRS)

RRS Software Users Guide and Radiosonde Training Videos

RRS Users Guide for Software Versions 2.5 through 4.0  - Jan, 2016. This guide provides detailed instructions on using the RRS software and radiosondes with the new RRS Windows 7 PC.

LMS-6 Training Video - Observer training video on how to prepare the LMS-6 radiosonde.

RS92 Training Video  - Observer training video on how to prepare the RS92-NGP radiosonde


Handbooks and User Guides

NWSM 10-1401 Rawinsonde Observations   This manual provides instructions on how to take a radiosonde observation and manage an upper air station.

The file is in PDF format.

EHB #9 - RRS Workstation Operations and Maintenance Manual and supporting documentation.


Technical Information

RRS WMO Levels Generation for Coded Messages (PDF Version) July, 2005.  Click  Here for a Word version.

Background Information on the Radiosonde Replacement System Program.


Photos and other information

Soundings with RRS A virtual tour by WFO Reno, NV, on preparing and launching a GPS radiosonde with RRS.

Telemetry Receiving System  More photos of the new ground tracking antenna.

RSOIS  Photos of the Radiosonde Surface Observing Instrumentation System.


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