RRS Telemetry Receiving System and Signal Processing System

Below are photos of the prototype Telemetry Receiver System (TRS) and Signal Processing System (SPS) currently under development.  The TRS is used to track and receive signals from the in flight GPS radiosonde. The SPS processes the transmitted radiosonde telemetry  and computes air pressure, temperature, relative humidity and winds. 


The TRS Pedestal, front view. The Signal Processing System (see the photo below) will be located in the space above the 24 volt power supply. The UPS can provide sufficient back up power for up to 2 hours (enough power to complete a flight).   


The TRS Pedestal, back view. The TRS is equipped with heating and cooling systems.  The heating systems also force warm air into the antenna assembly.


The TRS being installed inside a fiberglass radome at the NWS Upper-air Test Facility in Sterling, VA


The TRS without the tracking antenna dish installed.


The TRS antenna dish comes in two pieces.


The back of the TRS. Note the counterweights (in black). used to balance the antenna.


The front of the TRS.


The back of the Signal Processing System (SPS). This will be installed inside the TRS pedestal.

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