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Kitephto.jpg (127797 bytes)            Meto-grh.jpg (141017 bytes)    

Early 1900's photographs of a box kite and the meteograph attached to it to
measure weather conditions aloft.

  Aircraft.jpg (62980 bytes)   

Aircraft used to collect upper-air data.   Note the meteograph
attached to the wing struts. Circa 1934.


Pi-ball.jpg (94380 bytes)

Pilot balloon release, circa 1930.  Tracking telescope
or "theodolite" used to obtain winds aloft.


         Snd-phto.jpg (103618 bytes)   

Early model radiosonde being attached to a balloon. Circa 1936.

shltal.bmp (708966 bytes)

Balloon Inflation Shelter with Radiotheodolite radome on top, circa 1997


balloon.bmp (668158 bytes)tablea.bmp (420718 bytes)

Inflated balloon with radiosonde and parachute on the inflation table (circa 1997).


Release.jpg (44066 bytes) observer.bmp (527110 bytes)

Radiosonde and balloon prior to release (circa 1990, left  & circa 1997, right)


shelt2a.bmp (614834 bytes)

Balloon Release (circa 1997)

fltrn1.bmp (524282 bytes)

Radiosonde being carried aloft (circa 1997)


WBRT.jpg (205714 bytes)

NWS Automated Radiotheodolite, circa 1955

bils.bmp (477114 bytes)

Testing a prototype LORAN radiosonde tracking system and balloon shelter, circa 1993.

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